What do you have planned for 2021? Do you want to save more money? Planning a vacation? Maybe you are looking to pay off some bills? 

Let’s get you started out on the right foot. Have you thought about opening a new savings account in 2021? By opening separate savings account you can be ready for almost anything this year throws your way. It just takes a little mapping out, cutting out unneeded expenses, and a place to put those savings. 

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Be ready for that next vacation. Covid may have us slowed down but why not be ready to book that next much needed trip away. Be starting your savings now you will be ahead of the game when it is time to pay for that next vacation. 
  • Have you started a 2021 Emergency Account? Whether it’s a child, animal or a natural disaster be ready for the next time an unexpected situation arises. 
  • What about a rainy day fund? Unexpected fun days and outings are the best! Make you sure that you are able to enjoy them without financially stressing. 
  • The 2021 Holidays are going to get here way faster than we want them too… Be prepared by saving a little each payday for your yearly gifts and festivities. This will help you stress less and enjoys the special moments even more.
  • Paying off your bills – by saving a little at a time you can add extra payments to your existing bills. Pay off that credit card, get ahead on your auto loan or mortgage or pay off your school loans.

All these savings ideas take just a little bit of cutting back elsewhere and adding to your savings account. Remember- things add up faster than we think. Make sure your setting yourself up for a better 2021!