Certificates & IRAs (1,2)
Regular Share Certificates, HSA & IRA Share Certificates
MinimumAPYInterest Rate
6 Month Certificate$1,000.002.40%2.37%
11 Month Certificate$1,000.004.75%4.65%
1 Year Certificate$1,000.003.00%2.96%
18 Month Certificate$1,000.002.35%2.33%
2 Year Certificate$1,000.002.40%2.37%
3 Year Certificate$1,000.002.50%2.47%
4 Year Certificate$1,000.002.60%2.57%
5 Year Certificate$1,000.002.70%2.67%
Jumbo Share Certificates
MinimumAPYInterest Rate
6 Month Certificate$100,000.002.50%2.47%
1 Year Certificate$100,000.003.10%3.06%
18 Month Certificate$100,000.002.46%2.43%
2 Year Certificate$100,000.002.50%2.47%
3 Year Certificate$100,000.002.60%2.57%
4 Year Certificate$100,000.002.70%2.67%
5 Year Certificate$100,000.002.81%2.77%
Advantage Money Market - Consumer (3)
BalanceAPYInterest Rate
Advantage Money Market - Business (3)
BalanceAPYInterest Rate
Savings Plus, Business Savings Plus, HSA and IRA Savings
BalanceAPYInterest Rate
All Balances.20%.20%
Checking Accounts
BalanceAPYInterest Rate
Advantage Plus Checking (4)Up to $10,0003.00%2.96%
Above $10,000.05%.05%
Interest Advantage Checking$100.00 (minimum).20%.20%
Net Direct CheckingNo Minimum.00%.00%
Business Checking
BalanceAPYInterest Rate
Business Checking Pro
Tier 1$25,000.01 +.75%.75%
Tier 2$1,000.01 - $25,000.50%.50%
Tier 3$0 - $1000.25%.25%

1. Public fund entities are not eligible for jumbo or special term certificates. Public funds certificate terms and rates are by quote only.

2. APY- Annual Percentage Yield. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Dividend is compounded monthly. The dividend is calculated by the daily balance method which applies the dailyperiodic rate to the balance in the account each day. Early withdrawal penalties (a penalty may be imposed for   before maturity) we may impose will be based on the remaining days in the term of your share certificate as follows: 365 days or less remaining a penalty of 91 days interest, 366-730 days remaining a penalty of 180 days interest, 731-1095 days remaining a penalty of 365 days interest, 1,096-1,460 days remaining a penalty of 540 days interest, and a remaining term greater than 1,460 days a penalty of 730 days interest.

3. No minimum balance required to open or maintain account. Access via ACH debits, debit cards or checks (paper or electronic) not permitted. Limit of 8 withdrawals per calendar month; withdrawals over the limit will be assessed a fee. Advantage Money Market (MMS) and Business Advantage Money Market (BMMS) accounts at Beacon Credit Union are insured up to $500,000. This exceptional level of coverage is attained through a combination of $250,000 of primary insurance from American Share Insurance (ASI) and $250,000 of excess insurance from Excess Share Insurance Corporation (ESI).

4. Must have ACH deposit(s) totaling $1000 or more during statement cycle, receive eStatements, and complete at least twenty-five (25) point-of-sale (POS) transactions which post to account during the statement cycle to earn advertised APY and ATM foreign surcharge fee refunds (up to $4.99 per transaction with a maximum of $15.00 per month). Foreign fee surcharge must be submitted with the appropriate ATM switch fee coding to qualify for rebate. Limit one account per tax reporting name. If monthly requirements are met, 3.00% APY is earned on balances up to $10,000 and .05% APY is earned on all balances above $10,000. If monthly requirements not met; all balances earn .05% APY. $50 minimum required to open; no minimum balance required after opening

Savings, CD and Checking Rates effective April 1, 2024; subject to change.

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