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Mobile Banking

Get banking access on your phone wherever you go! Do your banking when and where you want.

  • Account balances & transaction history

  • Make transfers between accounts

  • View check images by simply tapping on the transaction

  • Pay bills (and people) easily

  • Instant Account Balance – see your balances quickly, without having to log in

  • TouchID and FaceID compatible

  • Multi-user logins available

  • Deposit checks with Mobile Deposit Capture

  • CardSmart debit card controls keeps you in charge of your card

  • Get your latest credit score and report for free with Credit Sense


Our vendor is aware of the current issue with some Android devices.  At this time, you can clear your app cache and data for better performance. Go to your phone’s settings and select apps, then the Beacon Mobile App.  Select storage and then clear cache and data.

You are allowed 3 attempts to log in with an invalid id/password before your online access is locked.  If locked, you can use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your log in.

You will be required to re-enroll your device every time your password is reset. Beacon does require one password reset yearly.

You can enroll by going to the profile/profile update section of the app. Once there, select Authorized Device Enrollment and follow the directions to complete registration.

Our system is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. When the system detects log in activity that is outside of your normal patterns it will ask you to re-verify your information to ensure your accounts stay safe and protected. As the system better learns your patterns and login activity you will be asked to verify less frequently.

If you are not receiving text/call authentication, you may have inadvertently opted out of the service by sending a STOP text.  Please call (800) 762-3136, ext. 3 to opt back in.

YES!  Beacon offers a real time alert system. You can receive low balance alerts, check clearing , debit postings and more! Log on and set up your alerts under the profile tab.

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Visit the app store to download the Beacon Credit Union Mobile app. Now that’s banking on the go!

To access account information you must be enrolled in Beacon Online.

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CardSmart: your card, your control

With CardSmart, you control your debit card in real-time. Protect and manage your debit card anywhere, anytime through your mobile app.

  • Turn your card on and off, so it’s there when you need it (while protecting from unwanted/unauthorized purchases)

  • Set geographic restrictions on where your card can be used, including online or just in-store. Choose up to three regions based on where you do most of your shopping

  • Restrict or allow transactions based on specific merchant types, like gas stations, restaurants, or travel services

  • Establish transaction limits so you or another authorized card user can’t spend more than you can afford

  • Schedule alerts for certain locations, amounts, or merchant types, so you know if your card is being used in ways you haven’t authorized

  • View the transaction history associated with all of your registered cards

  • Add notes and tags to transactions for easy viewing

  • Integrated within the Beacon Credit Union Mobile Banking app (after downloading the Beacon Credit Union CardSmart app*)


CardSmart is a mobile banking feature that lets you control how, when, and where your debit card is used. You can Enable/Disable a debit card for use, restrict card usage to specific types of Merchants and/or Transaction Types, set Transaction Limits and restrict card use to specific geographical regions.

Log in to the Beacon Credit Union app. Tap CardSmart in the menu. This will pull up our CardSmart app in your phone’s app store. Download the CardSmart app, then go back to the Beacon Credit Union app and tap CardSmart again. This will open the CardSmart app. Enter your card information to add your card. Verify your identity.

Log in to the Beacon Credit Union app. Tap CardSmart in the menu. This will pull up our CardSmart app. Tap either “Control Preferences” or “Alert Preferences” under the card you want to set up. A list of control and alert options will appear. Tap on options within the list to customize your controls and alerts.

Yes, you simply access CardSmart through the mobile app and disable the card. Once the card has been found, you can enable it again.

Get peace of mind on your finances and enjoy life a little easier with Beacon’s CardSmart.

*On-the-go card management will integrate within your mobile banking app once you download the separate CardSmart app.  Once downloaded, open the CardSmart app and follow instructions to login your Beacon Credit Union account to link the Mobile Banking app with the CardSmart app.  This only needs to be done the initial time to create the link.  After that you will be able to access your card management in the Mobile Banking app under main menu.

Text Banking

Text Banking is a quick and convenient way to check your account balances and recent transactions – anytime, anywhere. All you need is a mobile device that has SMS Text Message service enabled and you can register to use our Text Banking service.*

  • Sign up by logging into Beacon Online Banking from a desktop computer

  • Current commands: BAL (Account balance), HIST + Account Nickname (Last 3 transactions in your checking and savings account), HELP (Contact information), STOP (Cancel text banking)

*Carrier fees may apply.

Online Banking

Your Beacon accounts, right at your fingertips.

Online Banking

Access your accounts 24/7 with Beacon Online.

Debit Cards

Debit VISA cards from Beacon.

Debit Cards

Accepted anywhere that displays the VISA logo.

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Open an account anywhere, anytime. Really, that simple.