Did you know you can set up real-time alerts, giving you notifications on relevant financial events, such as low balance or debit/credit postings? Beacon alerts lets you choose what you want to be alerted about, how you receive alerts (email, text, or push notification), and where you receive alerts (mobile device or email).

Setting up alerts is easy, just click on alerts from the profile area of desktop or mobile banking and follow the easy steps.  Below are the current alerts you can set up:

Fee was charged to an Account
Bank Updates
Account balance below threshold
Account balance above threshold
Address was changed
Card transaction over threshold
Check number XX cleared
Debit transaction was posted
Credit transaction was posted
Interest was paid to an account
Transaction equal to threshold
Transaction over threshold
Withdrawal over threshold amount
Account status changes
Email address was changed
Escrow payment was posted
Hold was removed from an account
Loan payment due at billing

Staying on top of your account activity is only a few clicks away.