For most of us, the holiday season has come to an end … presents have been opened and put away. Ornaments, lights and other decorations have been taken down and boxed up until next year.

Now, we have the task of handling the credit card statements and bank account statements resulting from holiday shopping.

During this time, it is extremely important for each of us to review those statements with a careful eye. Watch for any in the transaction amounts, compare them with your receipts. Also, watch for any transactions you don’t recall authorizing.

If you find something that is not familiar to you, please make certain you contact your credit card company or financial institution immediately.

This time of year is perfect for fraudsters. Think about your spending over the past few months. You may have forgotten to write down an amount or two during your shopping trips. After all, this time of year we do more shopping than normal. It’s difficult to keep track of so many things during the holidays. Fraudsters know this and will attempt to “sneak” transactions past you.

It’s very important to double check each statement and be sure you recognize all transactions.


Contact us immediately at (800) 762-3136 or visit your local Beacon Credit Union Member Center location if you suspect you have fallen victim to a social engineering attack and have disclosed information concerning your Beacon Credit Union accounts.

Regularly monitoring your account activity is a good way to detect fraudulent activity. If you notice unauthorized transactions under your account, notify Beacon Credit Union immediately.