Below are a few enhancements that will be implemented.

All users:

The Account Summary will have account name and account number listed in separate columns.  Users will also be able to sort the account name column and account number column in ascending/descending order.

Users will now be able to receive Transaction Alerts for both Pending Transactions and Posted Transactions.

Business users:

Business Online banking ACH Users will be able to copy existing templates and create a new template. All details for the selected template are prefilled and the user can edit or save the details as required. A new Copy icon will be added on the ACH template screen..

Business Online Banking ACH users will see an update to the experience that requires the user to select the Transaction Type they want to initiate.  Once the Transaction Type is selected, the SEC Code list will be dynamically updated with the available SEC Code options.

Business Online Banking Wire Transfer users will see an improved status inquiry for processed wire transfers on the Wire Activity page. End users will be able to ensure successful transfers to the Federal Reserve through a confirmation on the screen. A successful status inquiry will display the Input Message Accountability Data (IMAD) and Output Message Accountability Data (OMAD) numbers under the Fed Details column in the Processed Wire Transfers page.