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About Project Spotlight
Project Spotlight is our community support program designed to discover worthwhile projects in each area that Beacon serves. Our hope is to be able to support community projects both large and small, and bring awareness to the many good things happening in our communities every day.

How does it work?
Project Spotlight is a charitable giving campaign that allows you to nominate local charities, non-for-profits and community projects for the potential to earn funding from Beacon Credit Union. First we ask community members to submit their local projects and organizations that they feel deserve support. Then we open up the voting process and have each community vote to support their favorite organization. With your help and participation, when the voting ends at the end of September, we’ll be donating a total of $21,000, benefiting 36 charitable organizations and projects in NE Indiana! ($1,750 split between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each of our 12 communities).

Voting Rules:
Our goal is to open Project Spotlight to as many people in our community as possible. We’ve made voting simple and easy, however, there are a few rules to be aware of:

  • You may vote one time per day, using your email address to identify you. Email addresses will be verified prior to final vote count.
  • You may vote in multiple communities (one time in each community per day).
  • Votes will be reviewed for authenticity and fairness. Excessive voting from the same IP address will result in removal of all votes from that IP address.

Your email address will only be used by Beacon Credit Union. We will not share your email address with any outside third-party.

Vote Results
Final determination of winners will be judged by Project Spotlight officials. After voting ends on September 30, 2017, Project Spotlight officials will review the electronic and paper votes to verify authenticity of the results.