Beacon Credit Union has experienced an increase in fraudulent activity over the past several years with respect to Debit and ATM cards. Please read the following carefully and protect yourself from card fraud and identity theft.

Beware of “Card Skimming”
Card Skimming is the collection of ATM and/or Debit Card account numbers and personal identification numbers (PIN’s) for the purpose of recreating the cards and subsequently making large fraudulent withdrawals in short periods of time.








FALSE slot fixed to the original card slot. (Same color and sticker). Contains additional card reader to copy your card information and duplicate your card.








The micro camera located inside this brochure holder can view the KEYPAD and then send a wireless picture up to 200 feet.

Organized criminals have been installing equipment on legitimate ATMs that capture this information. First, they install a “skimmer” that is mounted to the front of an ATM over the area where a card is inserted. The skimmer then reads the account information on the magnetic strip on the back of the card. Second, a wireless camera is mounted under the disguise of a brochure holder. The camera is angled in such a way that it can view the keypad thus capturing a PIN number while it is being entered. In both cases, the information is normally transmitted to someone who is nearby. This “skimming” is also being done at swipe machines in resorts, restaurants, retail stores and gas stations.

Please be cautious when using an ATM or Debit Card and look out for these types of devices. It is normal for criminals to place these devices on the machines during evening or weekend hours when owners are not around.

Email or Telephone Scams
As in the case of card skimming above, the amount of fraudulent activity via the internet, email or telephone has also skyrocketed. As a member of Beacon Credit Union, it is your responsibility to safeguard your personal and account information. By practicing these good security habits, you can help ensure that your personal information is protected:

  • Never leave your purse/wallet unattended and carry the least possible amount of personal information.
  • Keep your PIN strictly to yourself.
  • Never loan your card to friends.
  • Report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible to prevent illegal usage.
  • Review your monthly statement.
  • Do not reply to any suspicious email requests.

Never disclose ANY personal identifying information if requested via an unsolicited email or phone call including:

  • Account numbers or credit card numbers
  • Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) or passwords
  • Social Security Number
  • Mother’s maiden name

For added security measures change your PIN frequently and store it separately from the card. Never write your PIN number on your card. If you access your account via the internet, log out when finished and close your browser before leaving the computer. If you have any questions regarding emails or phone calls soliciting information about your personal account information, contact Beacon Credit Union immediately.

ATM Usage Notice: Restrictions in Foreign Countries
Beacon Credit Union restricts the use of the Beacon Debit Card or ATM Card transactions in some foreign countries. Details and country list.

If you have any questions concerning ATM Fraud or these new restrictions, please contact our ATM Department at: (260) 563-7443, ext. 2240