Cass County Project Spotlight Winners

1st Place: Twelve Mile Community Building Project

2nd Place: Cass County Humane Society

Random Draw: United Way of Cass County (Reading Railroad)


  • Cass County Humane Society – The mission of the CCHS is the prevention of suffering, neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals. They provide humane care and treatment for animals needing protection in Cass County. They assist in returning animals to their homes and seek suitable homes for animals without owners.
  • Emmaus Mission Senior Baskets – This all started about 18 years ago. We take gift bags and/or gift cards to over 500 people. These people are seniors that live in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and low income apartments. It always brings a smile to their faces when we hand out the gifts. There are volunteers that come in and help pack the gifts bags and help with the delivering of the gifts. Last year, we called Santa Claus to help pass out the gifts. This year’s mystery helpers are able, willing, and ready to pass out gifts. No one in these facilities is left out, everyone receives a gift. All donations would need to be made to Emmaus Mission with Senior Baskets in the memo.
  • Reading Railroad – This is a wonderful organization that promotes Early Childhood Literacy. A few of their projects consist of volunteers going into all K and 1st grade classes in Cass County to read a book. This is followed by a craft or worksheet enforcing the book. Many time a treat closes the session. The teacher then receives the book for the students to read later. Another projects is giving away free books at various community events such as the county fair and festivals. And, Begindergarten which is a step-up type program for students before entering school. The county libraries are also visited each month by all first grade classes and Reading Railroad. During this time students are read a book, reinforcement activity and a craft. They are also introduced to the library for their own use, mainly during the summer months.
  • Twelve Mile Community Building Project – The old Community Building is past repairing and this building has been used for numerous activities for the community for decades. It has hosted church breakfasts, church services, 4-H meetings, reunions, and birthday and anniversary parties. It is the main gathering place for the community and surrounding area. Because Twelve Mile is not an incorporated village they have been unable to apply for many grants. They have been raising the money needed by donations from the area families and businesses, and having other fund raising events.