Allen County Project Spotlight Winners

1st Place: Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne

2nd Place: Pay It Forward Allen County

Random Draw: Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne


  • Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne – The Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne sponsors several programs that serve children in need in the Fort Wayne area. We give new coats, hats, and gloves to children who are referred to us from the area public and parochial schools. We prepare layettes which are given to the area hospitals and agencies for mothers of newborn babies. We work in the area Women’s Care Centers and sponsor a store where mothers can shop with coupons they have earned. We also provide backpacks to area shelters for children that contain personal hygiene and school supplies. Reading Rangers is our program of reading to preschool children. As you can see, the children in our area are our major concern.
  • Helping Neighbors FW – Helping Neighbors FW was created in 2012 to help people help each other. To help people have faith, hope, and encouragement. If someone needs something, someone else could offer if they had it. If people have an item to get rid of, they could post and those in need could receive it. Everything is free. No money is ever exchanged. This group grew into so much more. Our researchers find all kinds of community services and offerings for people in need. We post daily where anyone can find food and clothing. We post resources for food, medical, bills, diapers, clothing and other needs. These are also listed in the files and are kept updated.
    Every year for the past 8 years, our members donate gently used and new items for our Annual Christmas Giveaway. This is open to anyone who couldn’t get registered with any other organization or who had fallen through the cracks. We have partnered with local agencies who have helped with donations for the giveaway. Some organizations that we have worked with have downsized, so donations were a little less. After we set up the Giveaway, the parents come and shop for their children. Since we started doing this 8 years ago, we have helped over 1800 children have Christmas presents that their parents may not have been able to provide. With the items leftover, we have donated to Fw Housing Authority, Interfaith, The Baby Closet, Santa Joe and more.
  • The House of Grace Center for Pregnant Teens and Single Moms United – The House of Grace Center for Pregnant Teens and Single Moms United where we helps to provide the necessary items needed for babies before birth and beyond. We can help with diapers, wipes, formula, clothes, and ALL THINGS BABY FOR FREE. We strive in 100% sister support. We also provide around the clock mentorship for moms who go through a lot. We also sit with young girls who labor alone. So far at least 10,000 ladies have been helped so far. Any funding received can be used to get more diapers, formula, clothes and more to help more moms in need.
  • Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne – Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne is a grassroots organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners. They spend time painstakingly tracking and trapping lost and often frightened pets to (ideally) reunite them with their owners. If the pet doesn’t have an owner, the LDOFW volunteers make sure that the animals are taken to Animal Care and Control so that they have the chance at a safe forever home. They also provide fliers to distribute to locate lost pets, owner education and microchipping services. It is an all-volunteer group who use their own funds to rescue these pets.
  • Pay it Forward Allen County – Pay it Forward (Allen County Indiana) was started as a legacy to its founder Janice Capatina’s mother. She would give to others without judgement such as taking people into her home when they – needed a place to stay. Pay it Forward conducts several events throughout the year such as the Easter egg hunts, back to school clothing drives, coat drives, picnic in the park for its members and the biggest event the Christmas giveaway. They strive to help others and do this through donations and the generosity of their members. Everything is given free and from the heart.
  • Power House Youth Center – Power House is a youth center in New Haven. They provide afterschool programs, teach life skills, provide tutoring, and provide a safe place for the 6-12th graders from the community.
  • Second Hand Blessings Ft. Wayne – We are a Facebook group that helps with everyday essentials for the needy. We also work together to help hundreds of kids at Easter, Christmas and birthdays. We are ran 100% off of donations. We give everything freely from the heart.
  • Special Friends of Fort Wayne Inc. – Special Friends of Fort Wayne Inc. Is a local nonprofit that provides opportunities for the Adult Special needs Community to gather for events. We rent a Pavilion for a picnic and fun day at the lake. We host 6 Sunday’s at a local ball Diamond, alternating softball and baseball. We host a fall Festival that includes carnival type games and dancing, a Christmas dinner and dance for 250 guests. Our Prom this year was under the Covid-19 cancelation window. We also help support a local Special Olympic sports program. We host a monthly open gym for basketball with the local YMCA. We have one fundraiser in June, a basketball game with local radio hosts.