Are you looking for ways to save on meals? Here are a few ideas to help you save when eating at home and when eating out.

Try these grocery shopping strategies:

• Compare unit price—Take note of the price per pound or ounce for a particular food.
• Check out what’s on sale—Make sure to be flexible with your recipes.
• Clip coupons—Coupons can save you up to $25 a month on groceries.
• Shop multiple stores—Prices vary from store to store, so you can save by shopping at two or three.
• Shop local—Farmers marke

ts are a great way to save money, buy fresh food, and, well, meet the farmers.
• Plan your trips to the store —if you shop for groceries once a week with a list, you’ll most likely spend less time and money.
• Buy non-perishables in bulk — If you have the storage space, it’s worth getting a 12-pack of toilet paper instead of a 4-pack. But be careful with perishables. If you buy a large quantity of meat—such as hamburger or chicken—divide it into portions and freeze them.

Try these restaurant tips:

* Order an appetizer and salad, then split an entrée with a friend or family member.
* Order very little or no alcohol. Alcohol is usually marked up 40% in restaurants.
* Watch for weekly specials.
* Like them on their social media pages to take advantage of discounts and coupons.

Keep in mind, no matter how you purchase food, if you have a plan and spend a little time comparing prices, you’ll save money.

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