Are you using the power of your credit or debit card to help protect yourself against fraud?

By setting up text alerts or notifications you’ll know when your card is being used, how much is being spent, and even when it’s time to pay your bill.

In a world where crooks look for ways to access our accounts, alerts give us an early warning that something might be wrong or needs immediate attention.

These text or email alerts can be controlled and customized via online banking, through your credit card issuer’s website, or with a mobile app. You can choose to get them via texts, emails or push notifications.

These powerful safety features can:

  • Alert you to card use – things like transaction amount, online or phone purchases, foreign purchases, fuel purchases, and ATM withdrawals.
  • Show you account balances, provide reminders about when a payment is due or when it is received, and display available credit.

Maintaining safeguards against cyber-crime is a must! A tremendous step in that direction is continually educating your employees on all things in relation to Online Banking Security. Here are some forget-me-knots to assist in that education process:

  • Always be in-the-know about Corporate Account Takeover
  • Always be in-the-know about Malware
  • Always be in-the-know about Social Engineering
    • Phishing
    • Smishing
    • Vishing
    • Impersonation
  • Always be in-the-know about the protection of NPI (Non-Public Personal Information)
  • Always be in-the-know about the importance of Password Security


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