While usernames and passwords are two different pieces, they are two important different pieces that go hand in hand to establish your security. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to be cautious with both.

The following are a few best practices for creating a strong username and/or password.

Usernames –

• If possible, avoid using your email address for your username
• Don’t include your name, address or phone number within your username
• Make sure your username doesn’t give any clues to your password
• Use words, numbers and special characters in non-obvious arrangements or order

Passwords – 

• You should always use different passwords for different accounts/profiles
• Create passwords that would be difficult for someone to guess but easy for you to remember
• Never share your password with others, no matter what they say to try and convince you
• If the system you’re using allows for longer passwords (also considered passphrases) make use of those. A passphrase containing various words, numbers and/or special characters makes the password stronger and more difficult for a hacker to break