How Does Debit Card Round Up Work?

Every time you use your Beacon Credit Union Debit Card, the transaction will automatically be rounded up to the next full dollar amount. At the end of each business day the accumulated amount from each of the transactions will be transferred from the checking account attached to your debit card to a Savings Plus or eligible loan* as a single transaction.

Example: If you go to a restaurant and spend $12.51, the transaction that posts to your account will be exactly $12.51 but you will deduct $13.00 from your check register. At the end of the day, that extra 49¢ will be transferred from your checking to your designated savings account (loan payments will be posted as a single transaction at the end of the business day).

How Do I Get Started?

There is no cost to enroll. Simply stop in, call or email us to tell us you want to sign up for Debit Card Roundup. Once you’re enrolled just watch your savings grow.

What else should I know?

1. Enrolling in Debit Card Round Up will round up ALL point of sale (POS) transactions for ALL debit cards attached to a checking account.

2. Only one “credit to” account may be set up per checking account.

3. Debit Card Round Up is only available on consumer debit cards attached to a checking account for point of sale (POS).

4. If you should get a new debit card number, it will not affect the round up program, Debit Card Round Up transactions will process until you cancel or close the “from or credit to” account.

5. You may have round up monies credited to any savings plus or qualifying loan you have ownership on (TRO** or joint).  Mortgages, commercial and agriculture loans are not eligible.

6. Savings will round up and post per transaction.

7. Loans will round up and post as a single transaction per business day.

8. Round-up transactions to your Saving Plus Account will be considered activity to keep account active.

* Monthly pay consumer loan (mortgages, commercial and agriculture loans are not eligible).

** TRO is the tax reported owner.

Consumer only, business accounts/cards not eligible.

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