This summer in Huntington, Indiana you can find a 7 year old young man set up under the tree in his front yard selling pink lemonade and playing his harmonica. His name is Bryden.

Bryden started selling lemonade this summer and playing his harmonica for donations. He never told anyone what his intentions were for the money he raised. After Bryden had his first stand he told his mother that he wanted to donate it to Riley, even though he said he had not raised a lot. At first she wasn’t sure just who Riley was and then Bryden explained to her Riley Children’s Hospital. He expressed to her that he wanted to help the kids. Bryden says “I want to help the kids. Kids and babies shouldn’t be sick and they need to get better and grow up. I want to help them.” Bryden lost his little sister two and half years ago when his mom was 5 months pregnant and he knew that she was very sick and would have to visit Riley to be born says Bryden’s mom. “Bryden has the biggest heart and would give all of his toys away to help someone that he doesn’t even know.” she says.

Well it’s our turn to help out Bryden!

Bryden will be having his next lemonade stand this Thursday, July 26th starting at 1:30pm. His stand is located at 2000 Felt St, Huntington. Come by and get some of Bryden’s fresh pink lemonade and listen to him play his harmonica! Thanks Bryden for helping the Riley kids!