Welcome to the Troubleshooting area. Here you can get information and suggestions for problems you may be experiencing.

Beacon Online Troubleshooting:

What if I forgot my Password?

If you know your User ID, but have forgotten the password for your accounts, you can use the Forgot Password link located at the log-in area. You must know your User ID to utilize this link.

Steps for Resetting your password:
  1. Enter your User ID, First name, Last name and Social Security Number, then choose “submit”.
  2. Verify your identity. Choose the verification process by text to an existing phone number on file, a call to an existing phone number on file, or if you can’t be reached at any of the numbers, then select the option to answer verification questions.
  3. Once you have passed the verification process, you will input and confirm your new password, then choose “Set Password”.

Please note that regulations do not allow us to send User IDs or passwords via email due to security issues.

What if I forgot my Sign-On ID?

If you have forgotten your User ID for the Online Banking Service, please call the Contact Center at (800) 762-3136 option 3.

I’m “Locked Out”; What do I do?

For security reasons we require that you call Contact Center at (800) 762-3136 option 3.

Why is my Sign-On ID or Password not working?

If you feel you may have entered your User ID and Password correctly and are still unable to log-in to online banking, you may be locked out. After three (3) unsuccessful attempts, the account will be locked. Please call the Contact Center at (800) 762-3136 for assistance in resetting your account credentials.

There is a transaction in my register that I do not recognize.

If there is a transaction in your register that you don’t recall making or creating, select the blue envelope besides the transaction.  This will open an inquiry form message. You may add any other vital information before sending. Once we receive your message, we will respond to your message or by phone, if needed.

I can view other areas of Beacon Credit Union’s website but I can’t get into Beacon Online Internet Banking.  What’s wrong?

If you are able to view other areas of our website, but are unable to access Beacon Online, it may indicate that you are having a problem accessing secured sites in general. Both your browser and Internet Service Provider must support secured sites. Refer to the requirements for using Beacon Online. Another reason that you might not be able to access Beacon Online is that cookies may not be enabled. In order to enter the secure encrypted site, you must be accepting cookies. To enable cookies, please refer to the Help function of the Browser in which you are using.