Things To Do In Winter….

1. Get your sleep on. Make up for all those sleepless nights by curling up in your bed and dream the night-or day-away. Give your mind a much needed break.

2. Catch up with friends. Abuse Skype & FaceTime if you are stuck inside the house. Maybe have group calls with your best friends. Or catch up with old friends. It is a good chance to reconnect because you will actually have enough time to talk about things.

3. Clean your closet. Give away things you no longer need. Mix & match your items. Make it look pretty.

4. Test your business skills. Make some extra cash and sell some your stuff online, see if you can bargain.

5. Take an online course. Or watch an interesting documentary. If you want to feel productive in a snowstorm, online learning is your best bet.

6. Catch up on your favorite shows or re-watch old ones. Some shows never get old. This is the best time to re-watch some of your all-time favorite shows or watch a new one. Warning: you may not be able to get off the coach until you finish the whole season.

7. Try a new recipe. Feed yourself some ideas from your favorite food channel and hop in the kitchen to try some of them. Play Master Chef with some of your family members even, if you want to make it more fun & challenging.

8. Read a good book. A book that will inspire you to go out there and kill it after the storm is over.

9. Play games. Perfect time for Pictionary, taboo or even twister if you are having a snowmagedon slumber party.

10. Take a trip down memory lane. Look at old pictures of your friends and family. Read your journal or your diary. Read old letters or birthday cards from your friends. You will be surprised at how these little things warm your heart and leave you feeling revitalized.

11. Do home exercises. Look up videos of a new workout you’ve been meaning to try. Zumba, insanity, yoga…etc. That way you won’t feel so bad about stuffing your face with all those groceries you bought.

12. Practice your bar tending skills. Make your own happy hour at home. Mix your own drinks & pour some more shots as long as you don’t text your ex.

13. Cuddle. With your partner, with your friends, with your pets, or with your blanket.

14. Dance. You can’t go wrong with that one. Put your favorite dancing jams and shake those hips.

15. Sing. Time to bring out that Karaoke machine. Sing along with you friends or family and make sure the neighbors don’t call the cops on you.

16. Pamper yourself. Take a hot bubble bath. Try a new facial mask.

17. Shop online. When the urge kicks in, start looking at all those sales items. They know you will be shopping, and they will come for you and find you.

18. Work on your portfolio or your resume. Update your portfolio. Make your resume more appealing. If you have a blog; work on customizing it or picking a different theme. This is a good chance to sharpen your edges.

19. Have some time for yourself to relax and get out of your own head. Listen to some relaxing music and picture the life you want for yourself. Relinquish all your responsibilities and negativity for a few hours.

20. Bring your inner interior designer out. Redecorate your bedroom or your living room. Make small changes in your personal space to make it a lot more inviting.

21. Take online quizzes and personality tests. We all know that’s your guilty pleasure.

22. Watch DIY tutorials and listen to self-help podcasts. They are more helpful than you think.

23. Do something “cute” for someone. Whether a pic collage, a scrapbook or just a nicely written message. Show someone you appreciate their warmth in this brutally cold weather.

24. If you really have to get out, have snowball fights.

25. If you can’t find anything else to do, stalk your bae on social media.

Written by Rania Naim

Beacon Credit Union does not endorse or support any of the businesses listed above. This article is provided only as a resource for information.