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Compassionate Health Center - Compassionate Health Center provides quality healthcare at no charge to the residents of Fulton County who are between 18 and 64 years of age, have no health insurance and are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty guidelines. We are currently the healthcare provider for more than 400 patients.   Compassionate Health Center goals for 2014 include expanding our current services to include: Smoking Cessation, Nutritional Counseling, Diabetic Education, Wellness Coaching, Pain Management and Limited Dental. We intend to continue our Women’s Health Initiative by providing free mammograms in conjunction with Woodlawn Hospital. All of these efforts are in line with our mission to provide quality healthcare to the uninsured of Fulton County. We project that the cost for these 6 new initiatives will be approximately $40,000.

Fulton County Crime Stoppers - Fulton County Crime Stoppers was formed in 1992 and began operating in January 1993. The sole purpose of our organization is to provide law enforcement another tool in fighting crime and helping to make Fulton County a better place to live.  We focus on crimes committed in Fulton County, but we also forward any tips received to the appropriate county. We receive funding from Fulton County and the City of Rochester, and the funds are only used for rewards and advertising. Since the beginning, we have received anonymous tips on many crimes; including burglaries, armed robberies, wanted persons (including those behind in child support), murder, and drugs. Meth has been an increasing problem for Fulton County, and our confidential tip line is another way information can get to law enforcement. Advertising and promotion are vital to keeping Crime Stoppers in the public's mind.  However, advertising is expensive.  We have one billboard which is located south of Rochester at the intersection of US 31 and St Rd 25. We would like to have billboards in other sections of the county, including near Akron and Fulton. Portable signage is also being used by private citizens willing to put them in their yards.  Fulton County Crime Stoppers consists of a small group of volunteers who believe in the power of one phone call. Working together, we help make our beautiful county a safer place to live, work, and enjoy life. 

Fulton County Habitat for Humanity - Fulton County Habitat for Humanity started building our 13th home in April!  The home is on Main Street in Rochester.  Please watch and contribute to the progress of this home that will go to a hard-working mother and her child. 

Fulton Fun Days Festival - Fulton Liberty Lions Club - Fulton Fun Days is sponsored by the Fulton-Liberty Lions Club. We are in our 15th year with this festival. Being a smaller club in a small community, we just don't find much in the way of corporate sponsorship to help us fund things like: concerts, parades, new venues that need to be paid to visit us.  This year we'd love to have a Mobile Reptile Zoo for $300 - a new cost.  Fulton Fun Days provides a weekend of family fun.  The Lions Club assists in the community as much as possible and needs to raise funds. In the past year, our club has donated $1200 to three different families each for a different reason.  Some regarding catastrophic situations, we rehabbed a local home for $1200, built a wheelchair ramp for $350, financed goodies and cash prizes for a Halloween Contest and an Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored a youth Athletic League for $200, donated $200 to a Fulton County Sorority in their free books project to kindergarteners in the 3 county schools..and so on.

Matthew's Market - Matthew's Market is a community food pantry located in Rochester.  Currently over 600 families are coming to the market every month to receive food and supplies.  These are families living in Fulton county and meet the federal guidelines for poverty.  Not only is Matthew's Market a pantry for Fulton county residents,  we have become a distribution center,  sharing extra food and delivering to approximately 11 other pantries in the surrounding areas to help alleviate hunger in those communities too.  It goes without saying,  this project requires a great deal of money, volunteers, and doner support to accomplish what we do.  The market was last years 1,000.00 Project Spotlight award winner which helped tremendously in purchasing food products through our business partners and helped defray the cost of a storage building. 

Team KIK - Team KIK stands for KIDS INSPIRING OUR KOMMUNITY. Kommunity is spelled with a K because the kids wanted to be different, and we wanted to show them that it is okay to be different! It is a community-based group for Fulton County and any area youths. This program was designed to inspire young adults and parents to make a difference in the community while providing a safe, clean and fun environment. Team KIKs motto is "Using imagination to make a difference". We are hoping for many other people in our community to join our team so we can make positive changes for ourselves and our children. We are trying to keep kids off the streets, and give them motivation to excel in the future. Our first event is the Team KIK off dance May 10th, and the Color Race June 21st! Both events will be the start of many more fun community activities! Go Team KIK!

Wee Care Childrens Ministries - Wee Care Childrens Ministries provides child care to about 120 children.  The children range from the ages of infancy through 5th grade.  We also provide two pre-school classes in a safe atmosphere.  We have been a ministry of The Akron Church of God and have outgrown the financial ability of the church to maintain.


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