How to Protect your Business

As a trusted financial institution, our members safety and security is held at the utmost importance. We want you, as commercial online banking users, to be aware of the potential dangers that can occur while conducting business electronically. Outlined below are a series of tips and videos to ensure that you are taking the necessary safeguards in order to protect you and your business.

What You Can Do:

Education is Key.

  • Train your employees
  • Limit Administrative Rights
  • Surf the internet carefully

Install and maintain the following:

  • Spam Filters
  • Real-time anti-virus, anti-spyware desktop firewall, malware detection, and removal software – use these tools regularly to scan your computer & allow for automatic updates and scheduled scans
  • Routers and firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your computer or network – change the default passwords on all network devices
  • Security updates to operating systems and all applications as they become available

Do not open attachments or clicks on links in an e-mail, unless you know for certain who the email is from.

  • Do not use public internet access points
  • Note any changes in the performance of your computer – dramatic loss of speed, computer locks up, unexpected rebooting, unusual popups, etc
  • Block pop-ups

Make sure that your employees know how and to whom to report suspicious activity to at your Company & Credit Union.

Contact Beacon Credit Union if you:

  • Suspect a Fraudulent Transaction
  • Are trying to process an Online Wire or ACH Batch & you receive a maintenance page

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