New Text Scam.

New Text Scam.


Over the weekend, fraudsters have been sending out mass text messages to consumers. The text messages are being sent to both Beacon Credit Union members and non-members. The text messages claim to be from Beacon Credit Union. It alerts the recipient that their account has been limited and they must call the phone number provided.  Once the recipient calls, they are asked to divulge their account number. 

These fraudsters have no way of knowing who does or does not hold accounts at Beacon Credit Union. They are sending out mass text messages in the hope that it will be received by a Beacon Credit Union member and that the member will respond to the text by divulging their account number.

Please keep in mind, Beacon Credit Union will never contact you requesting personal information. DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY TEXT MESSAGES. You should never divulge personal identifiers, account or card numbers to an unknown or unconfirmed source. If you receive a call or text, please contact Beacon Credit Union (at a phone number you find on your own – not from a text message or voicemail) and confirm the request as being legitimate.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused. If you have given out your account number, please contact us immediately so we may take the necessary steps to protect the account.